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Change Is Good, Explanations Are Better

Anniversaries, breakups, and new beginnings.

Oh, Moments & Meaning…how I’ve missed you. Writing this feels like running into the arms of someone who loves me. And, Whoever Reads This, I’ve missed you too.

Things are about to get confusing. Let me break it up for you (subtitles inspired by my latest podcast fixation, This American Life--thank you, Dad).

Act 1: Happy Anniversary

I created this website last summer, less because I wanted people to read it, and more because I wanted an excuse to write. Approaching one year of Moments & Meaning, I feel closer to clarity--in my relationships, purpose, and self.

Moments & Meaning gives me space to unpack and reorganize. It’s like looking through my closet, remembering what I did the day I wore something, and telling the story years later: time allows things to make more sense than when they first happened.

And the byproduct is equal parts luck, beauty, and surprise. Sharing on this website connects me to people I’d lost contact with and ones I thought it impossible to become closer to. Knowing that my words can touch even one person- let alone one who is grieving, loving, lost, or curious- is the most special thing I’ve ever felt.

Which brings me to the personal part.

Act 2: It’s Not You, It’s Me

My dad always tells me- and I always believe- that doing what I love means not working a day in my life. In this spirit, I stopped trying to play fortune-teller and win fortunes: the future and money are important…but at an age where next week is unpredictable and I’m more free to fail than I’ll ever be again, I prioritize passion over practicality.

Since declaring my English (creative writing & fiction) major this year, I don’t think I’ve worked once. And, before the STEM-people release their wrath on me, it isn’t for a lack of assignments or rigor. Loving what I do makes all the challenges feel like a privilege.

Yet what I learn and practice in school is different from what I put on this website--the entire concept of Moments & Meaning revolves around my personal life. And, while I love to dissect my experiences, there are other things I write and want to share.

So, Moments & Meaning, here comes the hard part. We are looking for different things out of this relationship; I’ve outgrown what we are right now, but I don’t want to let you go. Things need to change- slightly- so that I can continue sharing here as I figure out how to never work a day in my life (in other words, how to integrate writing into my career). It’s a hard-worker’s attempt at laziness...and fulfillment, but that’s less funny.

To Whoever Reads This, all it means is that the content here will likely vary--still including the type of stories I usually post, but also allowing me to share other forms of writing.This story isn’t necessarily sexy or creative, but it excites me. I’m lucky we get to welcome this next chapter of you, me, and Moments & Meaning together.

In keeping with my This American Life theme: I’m Jenna Weber, stay with us.

2 comentários

Hana Diaz
Hana Diaz
05 de jul. de 2023

Excited for this new beginning! Always here to fangirl :)


Carolina Pino
Carolina Pino
05 de jul. de 2023

Can't wait to see what's coming🤗 so proud of you Jenns!

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