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I Was Always Allowed One Messy Cabinet

These days it’s full of

To do lists,

Too many number

Two pencils for a world that writes in pen unless it types.

It’s scattered with guitar picks

And the instruction manual for a guitar I don’t play very well,

Especially for someone who hates instruction almost

As much as manuals.

A plum nail polish I wore too much and got tired of

Seeing on the hands I use to do everything

Except clean out this drawer, apparently.

Seven different brown hair ties of my own

And three black ones I borrowed

Permanently from my mother.

A key chain my grandma gave me

With a four leaf clover a

Five-year-old me pressed her thumb on

Six times for good luck.

A key that I would only presume is for a lock,

Though I don’t know which lock

So the key is useless.

And, though I am a consolidator in every other sense

And in every other cabinet, and I

Used to try to clean this one and

Used too much time trying,

Small parts of me I thought were left behind like that I’ve gotten

Used to it this way.

Wrote this poem for a workshop application a few months ago!


Randy Marc Weber
Randy Marc Weber
Sep 21, 2023

I love it too, kiddo. You have a beautiful mind!


Sep 20, 2023

I love it. Yes, everyone deserves one. messy “junk” drawer.

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